Brain Puzzle: 99 Games – Walkthrough To Complete All Levels

Are you having difficulty clearing the levels of Brain Puzzle: 99 Games? Look at this Brain Puzzle 99 Games walkthrough for completing the levels and finding solutions.

Brain Puzzle

Brain Puzzle Brain Puzzle: 99 Games contain hundreds of mind-blowing levels . It will test you to complete the entire game. In this article, we’ve shared the solutions for all levels. Therefore, don’t waste time and move to the central theme: The Brain Puzzle: 99 Games Walkthrough to all levels.

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games – Walkthrough To All Levels: –

Level 1 – Line Up The Shot

To finish this step to complete the level, tap the screen once the cursor in black is above the green portion of the line. The challenge is to line up your shot with precision. If you don’t do it correctly, the game will show you a cross symbol. Make sure you tap your screen at the right moment.

Level 2 – Pick Your Slice

At this point, it is your responsibility to select the portion from the dish. The face of a man is on the screen. He will pop out his tongue when you press and hold the screen. To complete the level, your tongue must be in contact with the free slice area that isn’t entirely covered by green fingers. Make sure to tap and hold at the appropriate timing so that the tongue of the person touches the free slice region.

Level 3: Pick It!

For this brain Puzzle the 99 Games game, you must use fingers and a nose in front of the display. When you tap the screen, it shoots your finger towards the nostrils. To complete this step, the finger must pass through the nostrils. Make sure to you should tap the screen at precisely the appropriate time.

Level 4 – Shake Hands

You can now see the hand of a human and a dog on the screen. To complete the level, you must hold hands and shake the dogs. All you have to do is touch the screen until your hands, and the dog’s hands are on the same side.

Level 5 – Help Him Get Dressed

A naked man is displayed can be seen on the screen. To finish this step, you need to tap the screen until the shorts are just under his waist.

Level 6 – Land It

That’s Elon Musk’s Cybertruck! But it’s without tires. Make sure you tap on the display at just the right moment.

Level 7: Cut Those Ropes! Rescue Duck

To complete this step, You must break the rope. You can do it by sliding it over, and following that, the duck will drop and leave the area.

Level 8: Shave That Face!

For this to be completed to complete the challenge, shave the face of the man using the razor. The razor is tapped and then dragged it across his moustache and beard.

Level 9: Put The Needle In The Right Spot!

Naturally, there are red spots! Drag your hand and place the needle over the red dots to complete the challenge in Brain Puzzle: 99 Games.

Level 10 – Break Notifications

If you’re using iOS, Choose to disable to block notifications.

Level 11: Solve It!

It’s a cupcake you can see on your display. Drag the shape of a pot towards the bottom. Then, the second largest section over the pot shape and finally the final part on top.

Level 12: Give Him Hair!

In this stage, you must put five hairs onto the child’s face. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the head or not. Simply put them anywhere using the touchscreen.

Level 13 – Mix And Match The Color

  • Press the red and yellow buttons repeatedly until you can see the orange hue.

Level 14 – Help The Cat Diet

  • Use your hands to grab the food items.

Level 15: Hold To Draw!

At this point, you will need to draw a rabbit. Press and hold the pencil , and remove the outline of the bunny. Your screen’s green line must not be in contact with the pencil. It is possible to stop drawing by lifting your finger and passing to the blue bar.

Level 16: Flip It, Catch It!

There’s a tomato-looking guy on your screen . He is holding a frying pan with a slice of meat on top. You can tap the screen for it to flip over and then grab it. You move the tomato by tapping the left or right side of the screen. The tomato should end up on the pan that you are cooking in.

Level 17 – Which One Will Fill First?

  • The answer is the number one glass.

Level 18 – Survive! Don’t Get Panicked

That’s Booger Simulator! Drag the booger to the left or right using your fingers to stay alive by removing it from your hand. Keep going until the level is completed.

Level 19 – Business Bounce

The three shots must touch the body of the man. You can drag the man’s body left or right with your fingers.

Level 20 – Break The Glass

Stop the cursor once it’s in the highlighted green area. Press the screen to stop it.

Level 21 – Collect Them

Clean up the poop, but avoid contaminating the moving germs.

Level 22: Eat Those Donuts! Rotate The Bars!

The hangar should be rotated clockwise slowly so that doughnuts fall in the mouth.

Level 23 – Grade The Tests!

Place the A+ grade on the test if it’s in parallel with it. Touch the screen and take the step to the trial.

Level 24 – Color Match!

The banana’s tapping action will alter its colour. To finish the level, all bananas must be the same colour.

Level 25 – Mix And Match The Color

Press the greenish colour once. Then press the button for the colour purple over and over to get the colour required in the game.

Level 26: Cut Those Ropes Rescue Duck!

To complete the previous level, we had to cut the rope. This level has an obstacle on the ground that pops out every few minutes. The spike will pop out, so you need to cut the cord just in time. You must cut the rope as soon as the point appears. The tips will disappear if the string is not landing at the right time.

Level 27 – Ice Cream Cone

Place the cone on the bottom of the bowl and add the ice cream.

These are Brain Puzzle: 99 Games’ walkthroughs to all levels. We’ll soon post the remaining levels’ walkthroughs.


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