Bless Mobile Best Class Guide: Classes & Race

Bless Mobile is an all-new MMORPG on mobile, created by JOYCITY Corp. Read on for Bless Mobile, the best class guide Overview of all classes

JOYCITY Corp., one of the most popular mobile game developers, recently released the brand newly-released MMORPG Bless Mobile on Google Play Store. With Bless Mobile, players choose their race before the start of the game. Once they have chosen their race, they begin an adventure with many missions, deadly wars and a vast amount of exploration. Each race comes with a unique class of players. For instance, the Pantera race has two Bless Mobile classes; Ranger and Berserker. Therefore, the class you choose will depend on the race you pick. There are five classes included in Bless Mobile game: Guardian, Mage, Paladin and Ranger. Berserker. Learn everything you need to know by reading the following Bless Mobile best guide to classes that include all classes’ overview.

Bless Mobile Best Class Guide – All Classes: –

  • Guardian – Melee DPS, Tank
  • Ranger – Ranged DPS, Crit, CC
  • Berserker – Melee DPS, Attack
  • Mage – CC, Ranged-DPS
  • Paladin – Healer, Melee Attacker

Mage – M. DPS Class

Bless Mobile

A mage can be described as one of the ranged DPS classes of Bless Mobile. She makes use of the staff to weaponize herself and create magical spells that cause harm to opponents. Regarding ability, she can deal decent damage(single or AoE) to enemies in the fight. Additionally, she has CC abilities like dazzling enemies, freezing attackers and more. Let’s look at Mage Class abilities to see: —

  • Divine Arrow is a projection that hits the target in the direction of your eyes.
  • Flaming Meteor: Lands 5 meteors to cause destruction
  • Ignition triggers a tornado that engulfs enemies and causes them to suffer
  • Chain Lightning 2 hits chains lightning, knockback effects and chain lightning
  • Focused Combat can increase the ATK
  • Robe of Revenge The robe effect is applied to herself, and then stops attackers from attacking
  • Field of Ice – turns the area around it into an ice field that hits enemies 3 times
  • Meditation Recuperates MP
  • Block Magic – a magic attack
  • Blizzard – summons a blizzard for AoE DMG

Guardian – Tank Class

Tank Class

Guardian is the most potent tank that you can find in Bless Mobile. Guardian is in charge of dealing with the enemy from the front , and making it difficult for an enemy to provoke trouble for the back row allies, by inflicting damage or helping others. Regarding his strengths, Guardian is a pure tank with skills such as taunting and increasing the defence of his party members and shield effects. Also, you can expect to take a fair quantity of damage from melee with his abilities. Let’s look at Bless Mobile Guardian’s class skills. The following are the skills:

Spinning Strike spins, and then attacks the enemies in the distance with the sword

Vampire Blade – stabs the opponent with a sword, and causes injury

Executioner’s Blade : lands an intense strike on the ground, which causes an impact that hits the enemies within the area for 3 turns.

Slam – 2 hits with the blade and shield

Charge and deal damage to the opponent in your direction

Absolute Defense – shield it up and strikes hard on the ground, which makes the enemy fall to the ground

Inspiring by the DEF buff and self-allies

Eliminate Confinement – eliminate the debuff

Absolute Silence – multiple strikes on enemies using the effect of silence

The Taunt effect(protecting allies, by making enemies target only you)

Berserker – Melee DPS

Melee DPS

Berserker is one of the top melee DPS classes in Bless Mobile – with decent defence ratings. He makes use of a two-handed AXE to take out opponents quickly. He’s hard to defeat in battle. Regarding power, the Berserker class excels in taking massive damage to opponents. Its attacks aren’t lengthy, so that you can enjoy the close-battle action. Let’s examine Berserker Skills for a class which includes:

  • Spinning Bow – is thrown with a spinning AXE toward the opponent and causes injury
  • Explosive Fighting Spirit – lands an intense attack on the intended target
  • Combat Instinct: Two axes in two hands and strike the enemy
  • Attack and Punish the opponents within the distance
  • Murderous Intent: Heavy strike on enemies and resisting all adverse effects of status during the casting of the skill
  • Pulverize – multiple strikes on the enemy
  • Angel of Death – hits two powerful attacks by delivering a downwards blow
  • Spinning Shockwave: Get close to the goal, spin and then strikes
  • Seismic Strike – jumps into the air before landing an intense strike on the ground, damaging enemies within range
  • Berserker – increases attack power(sel

Paladin – Healer Class

Healer Class

Paladin is the top healer and supporter in the Bless Mobile game. She is blessed with exceptional abilities that can help players heal, neutralise adverse effects, and assist abilities. But, you could be unable to defeat powerful enemies and bosses when you’re fighting solo, since you’re not equipped with much DPS when playing as Paladin. If you are playing solo, we wouldn’t recommend picking Bless Mobile. Bless Mobile class. If you have players who are together, you could select this class and receive help from them in fights. Let’s examine Paladin’s class abilities. The following skills are available:

Blessed Bow melee attack

Hammer of Justice – swings the hammer and hits

Punishment – hits the area that is in the front of you

Noble Spell heals self and the allies

Authority – disperses negative results

Execution – multi-strike melee attack

Blessing of Life Blessing of Life – buff party members

Blessing of Spell Healing

Thunder and Lightning – x4 hits lightning strikes

Holy Spel Holy Spell HP(Self Allies, Self)

Ranger – DPS Class

DPS Class

The Ranger class is among the most effective ranged-DPS classes available in Bless Mobile. As a ranger, you’ll be able to attack enemies over a long distance and not be able to engage melee DPS classes. For those who are looking for the strength of Ranger, Ranger excels in delivering massive damage to opponents; AoE, CRIT + help fields and CC; abilities like poison, trap sharp eye, focused vision, etc. Let’s examine Ranger abilities such as: —

  • Sniper Arrow is when a character shoots an arrow to cause an injury to the enemy; this ability pushes the character backwards.
  • Bood Arrow Bood Arrow – bleeding impact and damaging. Bood Arrow bleed effects cause injuries to enemies with time.
  • Explosion Arrow It leaps into the air, and then fires a bow
  • Corrosion Corrosion AoE poison(targets that are affected by poison suffer damage over time)
  • Rapid Fire Shoots the arrows.
  • Odd Traps – cause damage and traps.
  • Arrow Rain – AoE DMG
  • Concentrated Vision – Buff
  • Sharp Eye – Buff

Bless Mobile Classes, Class Guide – Which Class Should You Pick?

  • Ranger is the best class for DPS with AoE, CC and CC skills.
  • Paladin – The best Supporter class that has healing and assist abilities
  • Guardian is the best Tank class that has defence buff and shield skills
  • Berserker – Best Melee DPS class

For solo players, Ranger class would be the best pick. 

Share your class reviews in the comment section below

So this would be all in this post on Bless Mobile best class guide – all classes overview. 


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