Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Guide For Beginners

In this article about Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Guide In this post, you will find out about the products reserve, the exchange of points for relics, and much more.
In the relic shop, players can choose to assign characters. In other words, the characters working in the shop may function as a shopkeeper, and they will be able to stock items that the customer can purchase. Different characters operate in other areas – west, north, and east- providing an array of goods. After assigning the surface to the Relic, Shop players can buy items specific to them, such as memory, enhancement material and more. By exchange, which is a game-specific currency known as Yul. To begin, we’d suggest checking out these posts:

Today’s post will provide you with an outline of the shop. Without further delay, let’s get to the main article.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Guide:

Assign Them As Shopkeepers

Go to head to the Relic Shop menu in Black Clover Phantom Knights. In the left-hand corner of this menu, please press the button to change shifts to open a new pop-up in which you can view the characters and their respective work areas; West, North, and East. As we have mentioned above, the surface region will determine the products they’ll carry for you as a shopkeeper. For different product ranges, it is possible to switch between characters or choose those based on the region of their network.

Black Clover

Find out more about the Goods.

Once you’ve selected the character you want to be the shopkeeper in the Relic Shop, a new menu inside the relic shop will be unlocked. It will be called Goods. Click the Goods button, and this will open the stock screen. Here you can purchase the items like memories, upgrades, and materials in exchange for Yul, which is the primary in-game currency that can be earned by completing the quests. The shopkeeper’s job or in shift stocks the item on this screen. On the banner of the thing, you will be able to see the remaining time to put this item into the inventory. You must wait for a specific amount of time until the character lists the item in stock. Then, you’ll be able to buy it.

The Goods

Find out more about the Prosperity.

In the Goods menu, located on the left-hand side, you can check the level of prosperity in a region. The higher the level of prosperity for that region, the more quickly and affordable items can be acquired. For instance, if the top rank is in the West region, you should choose the character located in the West region for the cheapest items.

Character Consumes Energy

After you have selected the character in the Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop, An energy panel beneath the shift button is displayed and displays the energy level . Energy decreases and then replenishes slowly. You may need to switch characters if they’re exhausted.

Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop Points

These points are earned when you exchange the sheets of your character in exchange for points exchange. On the Relic, Shop clicks the point exchange icon. On the second screen, you can transfer the sheet of the character that has already been transformed to 6-stars. The sheets can be exchanged for points exchange, allowing you to collect Relic Shop Points.

Go to The Point Shop -> there you can purchase Equipment & Accessories in exchange in exchange for Relic Shop Points. Gold Nugget, Honing Key, and Map-like items are in the shop.

Shop Points

Black Clover Phantom Knights Reserve

Other other than A.O.M., A.A, and A.B., Some characters have particular skills like Relics, Dungeons and Formation. Relic-skilled surfaces can store specific items and relics within the reserve. All you have to get is their ability for the majority of characters. The prerequisite for unlocking is to reach or evolve to 6 stars. Then, you can you can assign or send this character to the shop. You may find relics. The items will be available in the shop for dinosaurs.

Limitation Shop in Relic Shop Menu

In the shop menu, which is limited, players can exchange the event currency through the completion of all the black Clover Phantom Knights event quests. For instance, as of this article’s writing time, a Mereloeona’s Beastly Excercise event is going on. The event lets you have to complete the event’s quests and earn Black Jewels + Event currency, Gold Hunter Coins, Silver Hunter Coins, and Bronze Hunter Coins.

We strongly advise players to grind this currency to complete the quests for these events. You can exchange it for event-specific items such as Phantom Sheets(to change a character’s appearance that is 4* or more), high-end equipment and accessories. Repeating the stages, you cleared, and additional ground coins are possible.

That’s the entire point of this article on Black Clover Phantom Knights Relic Shop guide for novices.


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