BiuBiu Tales Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

BiuBiu Tales is a brand new Roguelike game available on Android and iOS developed by Eurasia Entertainment, where the players face off against their opponents under challenging dungeons

BiuBiu Tales

If you’ve played games such as Archer and Archer, then you’re likely to fall in love with the BiuBiu Tales game, where you attack enemies with a slash in dungeons that are challenging. You can also join forces with your friends to cut enemies into pieces. You’re on the correct page if you are beginning to enjoy the sport. This BiuBiu Tales guide covers all the essential aspects required by the game. With the assistance from the BiuBiu Tales tips, cheats and strategies, you’ll be able to progress quickly. So , without further delay, take a look and discover all the secrets!

BiuBiu Tales Guide: –

At present, the BiuBiu Tales game features 11 chapters. Each chapter can be played on three different difficulty modes: regular or elite, as well as epic. In the epic and elite modes, you can join forces with friends(invite them to join) and defeat the multitude of enemies that are residing in the underground dungeons.

You’ll progress through the game chapter by chapter, with an increase in difficulty. The goal is to improve your strength to be able to defeat the boss and enemies.

If you fail to finish the chapter, you’ll be forced to restart the chapter. Make sure you have enough energy to finish the entire chapter in one sitting.

Through the chapters or levels, you’ll get a golden leaf, the primary currency in the game that you can use to upgrade your gears, martial arts skills, methods skills, moves, and more.

Also, you get gears, and in-game currencies(material items, cultivation pill, pet levelling material, etc.). To get through a chapter, you’ll need to go through many dungeons which are guarded by monsters.

You can use the joystick to control the character’s movements, and he begins attacking the monster once you stop moving the character.

When you reach your next level within, this chapter grants you three abilities – you can choose one skill of the options. Examples include regaining HP, increasing the hero’s attack speed, and so on. Continue to the next chapter to unlock new abilities. Let’s overview BiuBiu Tales tricks, strategies, tips, and more.

Stay Away From The Monster’s Attacks In BiuBiu Tales

There are melee monsters that move toward you and strike or ranged-type monsters that strike from some distance.

Each of their attacks can be avoided if you manage the character with care or seek the aid of the surroundings and obstacles, such as bricks you can use to defend. For melee types of units that can strike from close range, it is recommended to keep an appropriate distance between them, and the target would be an excellent idea since the shooter is at an extended distance.

Keep an eye on the monsters with range attacking and keep away from their area of attack to avoid damage. A high HP level towards the end of the dungeon or while fighting the bosses increases your chance of clearing the chapter. Don’t lose HP; dodge their attacks, get quick to move, and then smash them down.

Select The Skill You Want

Dragon balls you get from the monsters when you clear the dungeons could be used to master new skills. Each skill is unique and has a distinct effect or buff. Depending on the situation, you should choose one of the three skills with care.

When the character’s HP player is already complete, select a skill that can assist you in taking down monsters swiftly or shielding you from their attacks.

If you are low in HP or the game offers you recovery abilities, use the skill without thinking about it. Some abilities increase your player’s maximum HP or attack speed, and CRIT rate, or provide additional effects.

Go through the skill description to select the one that will aid you in clearing the enemy waves at the next level. You can tap the pause button on the left-hand side to test your abilities.

Make the best gear available to The Hero.

The strength of the character is a crucial factor in BiuBiu Tales and can be increased by equipping him most advanced gears, or grade gears. The character’s crossbow is used to attack opponents and accessories that enhance his abilities or give different effects.

You can get superior quality gear in chapters with high rank; or from epic or elite stages. Additionally, you can purchase the purple chests with Jade in the store to acquire exclusive, rare or high-quality equipment. Please navigate to the avatar menu, then click on the equipment to verify his stats. Then, check the quality or tier of the currently equipped equipment. Make sure to equip the most powerful.

Upgrade The Gears to Increase the Base Attributes

Select the gear item you wish to upgrade, and then press to forge. The next screen will show you how to upgrade the item by investing in golden leaves. Be aware that the gear’s capacity cannot exceed the player’s level. To further improve your gear, you can reforge it by using Iron Soul, which can be acquired by dismantling the gears. Additionally, you can add gems. Click on the gear you’d like to take down or sacrifice to obtain Iron Soul -> resolve.


Cultivate To Strengthen Hero

Click on the Avatar menu. Above that tab is inventory. You will see five small icons; tap on the avatar’s second icon to enter the realm. You can use cultivation points to improve the hero. These points are earned by Sect training(go into your Sect menu by pressing the Dojo, and then select the Sect Training tab -and then use your Sect contribution points to grow). Spend them in the Sect to increase your Sect Contribution. When you reach your maximum cultivation level, you’ll require advanced pills to get to the next level and raise the cap. These pills can be purchased by obtaining them from the treasure Pavillion.

Save your money on something other than useless Things.

Jade is the best game currency in BiuBiu Tales that has many uses, including buying hero cards, recruiting tokens, purchasing chests in the shop or raid, and more.

We recommend spending the Jade sparingly, as you’ll need lots of Jades later on in the game to purchase high-end items. Also, try to avoid spending Jade at the beginning game. Try to concentrate on completing the chapters. BiuBiu Tales game gives you Jade as a reward at the end of each level or for completing the levels. Tap the badge beside the profile of the character’s name in the upper left corner to look up more details.

Useless Things

Travel to earn rewards

You can redeem VIT points to travel or earn immediate rewards. Tap the bag button beneath the chapter’s name. This will open to the Idle earnings screen, which you can access every few minutes.

Click the VIT Traveling button on the screen and use VIT points to get immediate rewards such as EXP and Golden Leaves.

This is among the most efficient methods to quickly level up to the next level in BiuBiu Tales because it grants huge amounts of EXP.

Repeat the Chapter Levels

You can play through past chapters or levels at any time and earn grid rewards such as EXP Gold Leaves Gears, EXP, and so on. If you’re stuck, you can repeat the previous phases, grind the currency or items, invest in the hero, grow stronger, and try clearing the challenge again.

Press the (i) symbol on the right side of the chapter’s name on the screen for challenges to choose the branch you want to play or the difficulty.

This is the entire article on the BiuBiu Tales guide and BiuBiu Tales tips and tricks for novices. Submit your suggestions in the comments section below to assist other players in clearing the chapters.



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