BitLife Life Simulator: How To Become A Nurse?

Nurses are one of the 146 professions you can choose in BitLife. Look over this BitLife Life Simulator walkthrough guide to becoming a nurse. Life Simulator walkthrough guide to becoming a nurse.

To become a nurse In BitLife, The player has to complete a Nursing degree at University and then pursue further education at Nursing School. Then, they can apply to be an Associate Nurse in the Hospital and then work for approximately 20 years in a row to achieve Nurse career advancement. It is possible to start as an associate nurse, and be promoted to the top job of a clinical nurse, Advanced clinician and Clinic Nurse Specialist. This is the conclusion of this article. Let’s take a look at everything in detail by reading: – the BitLife Life Simulator walkthrough guide. Life Simulator walkthrough guide to becoming a nurse.

Stats Requirement To Become A Nurse!

To be admitted to a Nursing School and to Study Nursing at University, You must have above-average healthy stats and wise ones because nobody would want to employ an unhealthy person in the Hospital. Therefore, we suggest starting with a person who has decent fitness and intelligent stats. Over 85 is sufficient.

Education Requirement To Become A Nurse|

  • High School
  • Learn Nursing at a university
  • Graduate of Nursing School


When you graduate high school, BitLife will ask you to further study at University, and you can select Nursing to pursue your studies. If Nursing isn’t available, you can you must graduate from the community college. This shuffles the subject areas available at University to learn about. Apply again for the University and choose Biology; if it’s not listed, start with a new character.


After completing your nursing degree from the University then, you can apply to the Nursing School. Be sure your intelligence and health-related stats are up to date, and you visit the gym, and library, and engage in other things to keep the statistics.

Apply For The Job – Job Shuffle


When you’ve graduated from Nursing School, it’s time to apply for a Nurse job at the hospital. Visit the Jobs section, Find Associate Nurse JobsApply. If the job isn’t on the list of jobs, Use this method to move the positions The trick is to shuffle the jobs: Then,

  • Start the game(close and then open)
  • Age(Tap the button to age and advance into the following year)


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