BitLife – Life Simulator – How To Become Archaeologist?

Are you interested in learning how to become an Archaeologist with BitLife? This guide will show you how to become an Archaeologist in BitLife – Life Simulator.


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You will need to complete a History degree in order to become an Archaeologist on BitLife. You will then need to apply for the Graduate School, and you can graduate from that school. These are the requirements to be an Archaeologist. This is one of the 146 career options in BitLife – Life Simulator. After you have completed your studies at the university in History or Graduate School, you can apply for the Archaeologist position. As a junior archaeologist, you will begin your career. You will progress to the senior level as you work hard and eventually you will become an Archaeologist. This concludes this post. Let’s take a look at the details: How to be an Archaeologist on BitLife

Smartness is a must

This applies to nearly every high-ranking job. If you’re not smart, no company will hire you. Start with smart stats. For the Archaeologist position, we recommend 85+ smart statistics. If you have poor intelligence, it is possible to start a new life. To navigate to the main menu, tap the menu button in the upper-left corner. Continue to improve your intelligence until you reach 85+.

Keep Your Smart Stats Healthy by Performing The Following Regular Activities:

As you move through the timeline, you may lose some smart point – but not if your regular activities are completed during school.

  • During school hours, visit the library frequently
  • Learn More in School

You Can Choose History to Become an Archaeologist

You Can Choose History to Become an Archaeologist

You have two options after you graduate from secondary school: either go to university for higher education or take some time off. You can choose to pursue higher education. To become an Archaeologist, you must study History at university. You can also study History at a community college, and then graduate from the university. Then, you can apply again for the University from the Occupation menu. Check if the History subject has been added. Restart your life if it is not.

History: Why?

To become an archaeologist, you must be able to comprehend the history of the area.

Graduate from the University and Apply for Graduate School


Graduate School


After you have completed your schooling, university or graduate school, it is time to start looking for jobs. Navigate to the Occupation tab -> Jobs -> Search for Archaeologist jobs -> Apply -> Pass the interview

Close the game and reopen it again if the Archaeologist job isn’t available. This will allow you to shuffle the jobs. Continue doing so until you find the Archaeologist job.

As an archaeologist, you can work for 20 years

Work For 20 Years As An Archaeologist

You must have worked in the Archaeology field for at least 20 years to achieve the Archaeologist job achievement. You may be annoyed by co-workers during this time. Your boss might fire you if you complain about their rude behavior. Avoid the situations that could lead to you going to prison. Continue working hard, keep your job and achieve this career goal.

This guide will show you how to become an Archaeologist using Bitlife – Life Simulator. You can also share any other methods in the comments section below.


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