BitLife – Life Simulator – How To Become An Accountant?

Today’s BitLife – Life Simulator Walkthrough will show you how to become an accountant. BitLife has 146 careers, including Accountant.

Life Simulator

You will need to complete a Finance degree at the University in order to become an accountant in BitLife-Life Simulator. Then, you’ll need to apply for the Jr. You will be an accountant in the corporate sector. You will continue to work hard as a junior accountant. The company will make you a senior accountant and you will be promoted to the Sr. Accountant. As a Senior Accountant, you will continue to work hard. You will eventually be an accountant (Expert) You can unlock the Career achievement by working as an accountant for twenty years. This concludes this post. Let’s take a look at the details – How to be an accountant in BitLife – Life Simulator.

Get Started – Start with The Strong Smart Stats

Getting Started

Your character is essential if you are interested in studying Finance at University. Otherwise, your application might be rejected. Start a new life if your character doesn’t have smart stats (85-100). Go to the main menu, and then tap the new life option. Continue doing this until your character becomes smart (with smart stats between 85 and 100).

Keep the Smart Stats at School

It is easy to maintain your smart stats. You just need to visit the library every year and work hard. Tap the activities button -> Mind & Body -> library to access the library. Tap the school button to learn more about Private Primary Schools.

The character will be admitted to Secondary School when he or she is around 15. The character then graduates from Secondary School at the age of 18.

Then, you’ll need to apply for university.

You can choose finance to become an accountant

You can choose finance to become an accountant

We recommend that you study Finance at the university. It will help you become an accountant in BitLife-Life Simulator. You can request a scholarship, student loan, or parents to pay the annual tuition fee.

To maintain your smart stats, study harder at the university. Keep visiting the library.

The university will confer the degree on the character at 22 years of age.

Apply for the Accountant Job

Apply For The Accountant Job

After completing a Finance degree, you will be asked to choose a job. Head to Job Listings by tapping the Occupation button -> find Accountant(Corporate) Job. You might find multiple accounting jobs with different companies. Apply for another job if you are rejected by one company.

Make sure you carefully read and answer the questions during the interview. Interviewers often ask dumb questions. Make sure to answer them correctly.

If the Accountant Job isn’t in the Job Listings you can progress to the next calendar year by tapping on the Age button. This will shuffle all Jobs in the Job Listings. You can also close the game to shuffle the jobs. You will see the Job Listings change when you open it.

20 years of work

Keep working in the same company as an accountant for at least 20 years to achieve the Accountant Career Achievement in BitLife. Avoid fighting because you could end up in prison. You will lose your job, and you won’t be allowed to apply for the same job again.

This is the BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide for becoming an accountant. Comment below if you have any questions about BitLife’s accounting program.


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