BitLife – Life Simulator – How To Become Fire Chief?

It is easy to become a BitLife Fire Chief. Let’s take a look at the BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough for becoming Fire Chief.

BitLife – Life Simulator

To become Fire Chief, you will need to enter the fire service career. To be promoted to the next level, you will need to apply for the Firefighter position in the Fire Department in your area. Here is the timeline: Firefighter -> Chief of Fire Equipment -> Lieutenant -> Chief of Battalion -> Assistant Chief. One of the 63 challenges is becoming a BitLife Fire Chief. To complete this post, there are many things you must do. Let’s get started. Bitlife Life Simulator tutorial to become a Fire Chief.

Stats, Starting Life

The first tip that we’d like to mention is that you need to be wise when starting. You should know that the game gives random looks, happiness and health to your character. You must verify the stats of your virtual character before you can move on. It is strongly recommended that you keep the character with good stats (over 85 in all three areas; happiness, intelligence, and health). Start a new life if the character is unhappiness, dumb, or unhealthy.

You should meditate every year while you are in high school.

Education Career

The virtual character is 18 years old when they graduate from high school. The game will then ask you to select a subject and enroll in college/university. The second choice is “College not for me”. We recommend that you choose the second option (College isn’t for me). Next, click the occupation button to apply for the community college.

The game will tell you how to find a job after graduating from your community college. Return to the education menu and click on university. We recommend that you choose Engineering, Education over entertainment subjects (i.e. Music, Dance).

Look For The Job; Firefighter

Look For The Job; Firefighter


The game will prompt your search for a job in the third phase of life (when you have graduated from university). All job listings can be found at the jobs menu.

Apply for the Firefighter or Probationary Firefighter job. Remember that the Firefighter job is rare and may not be available immediately after graduation. If you’re lucky, however, you might get it. You can always move on to the next year if the Firefighter job becomes unavailable. Each year, the job listings change. You should therefore make an effort to review the job listings each year.

Education Career

You can also work as a factory worker. You should check the job listings each year. As you make your way up the ladder, the Firefighter position will become available.

Get Promoted To Fire Chief

Get Promoted To Fire Chief

To be noticed as a Firefighter, you must work hard each year (tap the job button to work harder). You will be promoted to higher-level positions and eventually become Fire Chief.

  1. Firefighter
  2. Fire Equipment Operator
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Captain
  5. Battalion Chief
  6. Assistant Chief
  7. Fire Chief

This is the complete guide for Fire Chief on BitLife – Life Simulator. You can also share any other ways to become Fire Chief in BitLife by commenting below.


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