Battle Breakers Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Battle Breakers is a brand-new turn-based strategy gacha RPG developed by Epic Games. Explore the Battle Breakers guide, including cheats, tips, and strategies for new players

This is an essential Battle Breakers guide that teaches the fundamentals of the game. Additionally, we’ve given several Battle Breakers tips, cheats, and strategies to advance in the game without having to spend real money. If you’re a f2p player, it is essential to become familiar with the most basic game rules and tactics, so that you do not have to invest money to make progress. Before diving into this article, please read our guide on choosing the most effective Battle Breakers’ beginning hero. Save your time and get to the central theme.

Battle Breakers Guide – How To Play!

When playing Battle Breakers, the player’s primary goal is to build an army of heroes to besiege the territories on the globe map(clearing the areas on the map). The game has turn-based battles that let you battle enemies with your heroes’ abilities and attack. Let’s get to know more about combat.

Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers Guide To Battles: –

To participate in the battle, players must fulfill the team’s requirements. You may add up to five players in the group and take one of them from a friend. The hero you borrow from the friend will serve as a bonus commander. You have to include them to meet the requirements of your team. In each of your five heroes, you could choose a commander. The commander hero gives an extra benefit to the entire team or only to themself. If the requirements for the team still need to be met, ensure that there are sufficient heroes in the group. Bonus commander(prominent leader + friend). Click the (i) symbol beside the hero team to find out more information.


Press the button for position to change the hero’s place and tap the command button to alter the hero who commands.

When you’re done with the group set-up, go into the game. You can choose to play battles by hand or switch the war to auto. You should play auto mode if you have top heroes or your team’s power is high. Playing with your hands can help you learn the game. The end result is entirely up to you!

Break The Crystals To Reveal –

When you’re on the screen of battle, begin exploring to locate the opponents. Could you tap on the crystals to break them? The colors of the crystals alter when they break. Its color crystal is a reflection of its component. For instance, Dark(Purple), Nature(Green), Water(Blue), Fire(Red), Light(Yellow). In the lower-right corner, you can see the current crystal’s element and the color of the crystals.

If the hero is of the same elemental element as the crystals, the hero is more likely to cause injury. Examine the color of the tiles of the hero’s character to find out the aspect of their character.

Dark(Purple), Nature(Green), Water(Blue), Fire(Red), Light(Yellow).

The enemies also benefit from the same boost.

To be victorious to win, you must take down all your foes.

How To Attack Enemies: –

Choose the person you wish to attack target. After you have selected the opponent, tap the hero’s face to unleash their skills or attack.

Battle Rules & FAQ: –

  • Green Bar Green Bar displays the Hp of the hero
  • The blue bar shows the mana
  • Mana is needed to unleash the hero ability
  • Between these bars you’ll be able to see the number of turn remaining to unleash an attack
  • Make sure to press the opponent to review the details of the person you are fighting.
  • To finish a stage you must clean all rooms
  • In the upper-right-hand corner, you can view the total number of rooms.
  • When the hero is attacked, Pet Charge Meter gauge fills. You can summon your pet by tapping the paw or pet charge meter located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • When you break the crystals you could get consumables like HP recovery potion mana recovery smoke bombs, items and more. In the lower-left corner of the screen of combat Tap the item you wish to activate the item.

Battle Breakers – Rewards From The Battles: –

  • EXP is used to increase the player’s level. As the player’s level rises you can upgrade your structures
  • Hero XP – To increase the level of the heroes
  • Ingredients to upgrade the heroes
  • Hero Traces – To unlock Skybreaker Quests for elemental heroes
  • Ninja Stars – Battle Pass currency
  • Gems – Premium currencythat can be used to purchase items in the shop


How To Get Heroes: –

  • Through quests, you will be able to acquire heroes
  • Go to the map Skybreaker. Use the hero trace to locate and acquire the heroes
  • From special occasions
  • Complete the stages by completing the map
  • From the chests found in the shop
  • From the Hero Store – to exchange Magic Tickets
  • Login reward
  • The battle passage is located in the middle.

Battle Breakers Guide To Heroes: –

  • Heroes are equipped with four kinds of abilities: primary and passive, commander, and specific
  • Essential skill based on the character class
  • An active skill that is passive – activates automatically
  • Team leader skill – Rewards the team
  • Make use of the hero’s XP to increase the level of heroes
  • Star ratings show the total power statistics of the hero
  • The higher the number of stars a hero has the higher their stats or power
  • Equip or upgrade gears for the heroes to boost their power
  • Enhance/Promote the heroes to help them become stronger

Click on the tab Heroes on the menu in the footer, choose the hero you want to select -> upgrade or press the hero icon to launch the menu for upgrades. Here you can test your hero’s capabilities and get access to all hero upgrades.

Perks Guide: –

If you reach the level of Battle Breakers, the game provides additional bonuses as rewards. You’ll need to select an option from the two choices. It could be for prizes to HP, an attack bonus, or DEF. Let’s look at Battle Breakers Perks: –

  • HP – Enhances the HP rating of all heroes
  • DEF – It increases the DEF rating of all heroes
  • Pet Strength – Enhances the ability of summoned pets
  • Basic ATK – Boosts the effectiveness of the primary attack of the heroes in all of their heroes
  • Special ATK can increase the efficiency of Special Skills
  • Regen: Increases the quantity of mana and HP the heroes receive by color matching
  • Mana is among the most rare benefits of battle breakers. Mana increases the maximum mana amount of all heroes.

Go to the lobby, and on the top, press the level bar to see the benefits.

Battle Breakers Tier List: –

There are 2 Levels of Battle Breakers List(s). The first one is obvious, the older one could be more trustworthy, but we’ve shared its URL. Also, a new version includes all Battle Breakers Heroes – In this list of tiers, only those heroes with an (*) tag are highly recommended.

  • New Tier List – Here
  • Old Tier List – Here

Source – Discord. This link opens in a new tab. We recommend you avoid wasting time on common/uncommon heroes – instead, focus on Rare/Very-Rare/Super-Rare heroes. Additionally, you should read the information about the heroes’ the class, skills, and so on. When forming the team.

How To Level Up?
Win by winning fights. Also, the game will reward you with player EXP. The player’s EXP will be required to increase the level and unlock the upgrade of the building. In the lobby area, at the top, the game will display the progress of the game. Repeat the previous levels over and over to increase your EXP.
That’s all we have to say in this Battle Breakers guide for beginners. Let’s take a look at our most popular Battle Breakers tips, cheats, and strategies.
Battle Breakers Tips & Tricks: –
Do not play in auto mode. Play manually to win close fights
Choose the best position for your heroes; tank-class(heroes with a melee weapon) in the front row, and ranged heroes(with the ranged weapon) in the back row.
Make sure you select the correct commander. Certain heroes’ leadership skills can help the entire team.
Limited Reveal. Only divulge some of the crystals simultaneously since it will be difficult to defeat all opponents in one room at one time. Break one-by-one
Use the elemental advantage. Dark and Light elements deal an additional amount of damage to each other Nature> Water Fire > Water,> Nature. Choose the enemy with a disadvantage in the essential aspect against a specific hero on your team to cause more damage.
Tap the gear icon located in the upper-right corner. Check the instructions on the Battle Breakers Wiki.
Keep an eye out for the Events page for more information about the upcoming events.
Collect and upgrade your heroes to increase their strength.
Repeat the previous steps to grind materials
Build and upgrade buildings in Battle Breakers
Take advantage of the perks carefully when you can level up.

These are the basic Battle Breakers strategies for a beginner. Do you have any other tips to provide? Let us know in the comments below and assist others.  


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