Aura Kingdom 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Aura Kingdom 2 has recently released worldwide for Android and iOS platforms. Learn how to master it by reading the Aura Kingdom 2 Guide, which includes the walkthrough and cheating tips and strategies, as well as tricks and tricks.

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom 2 is a 3D MMORPG developed by X-Legend. you create your character, build it to be powerful and dominant in the PvP and PvE game modes. This guide is intended for new players to guide them through the process quickly and effectively. To begin, we suggest reading the most thorough class guide since it’s the very first step you should take when you start playing this game on your own for the very first time. Don’t waste your time and read our Aura Kingdom 2. Guide, Walkthrough and tips and tricks for beginners.

Aura Kingdom 2 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

The first thing to remember is that your primary goal for this particular game would be to make your character strong regardless of the method. There are a variety of methods to increase your power within the game like advancing your level and upgrading your skills, creating an ability tree, acquiring gears, and so on. In the upper-left cornerof the screen, you’ll see “EP” which is the total character’s strength.

You can play the Boss Battles manually.

If you’re having difficulty getting past a certain enemy or boss in a quest we suggest you disable the auto-play feature in Aura Kingdom 2 and play the fights manually. In auto-play mode you control your avatar through A.I. This means that the character could not be able to defend against attacks can be made by hand. All you have to do is to keep your clear of the opponent’s attack zone; the red zone, and you’re all set.

Complete the 7-Day Course The Missions

Courses Missions

The first suggestion here is to complete the seven-day beginner’s tasks. If you are just beginning playing Aura Kingdom 2 game, then we recommend that you concentrate on these missions as the missions will reward you with important items that you can utilize later within the game, allowing you to advance quickly.

On the top of the game’s screen Tap on the “Gift” icon. It will bring players to the screen for gifts. It’s got a number of tabs on the top. You can find seven-day courses. Seven lessons are included Each lesson includes 3 missions. Each mission will give many valuable rewards.

  • Lesson 1 – gold, monster fragment, blue diamonds, dungeon blitz ticket, quest blitz ticket, Will of Eidolons
  • Lesson 2 – costume gacha ticket, dungeon blitz ticket, gold, skill book, submarine sandwich
  • 3rd Lesson – blue diamonds, gold, gem crate, Eidolon EXP dust, crystals
  • Fourth Lesson: Wing gacha ticket or quest blitz ticket gold, etc.
  • 5th Lesson – gold, monster fragment, mount gacha ticket, etc.
  • 6th Lesson – dungeon blitz ticket, Eidolon gacha ticket, quest blitz ticket, blue diamonds
  • 7th lesson – Allus’s approval, Eidolon gacha ticket, blue diamonds, gold skills book

Progression Through The Chapters

Progress Through The Chapters

In the latest release of Aura Kingdom 2 video game, you can play 14 chapters. Each chapter contains a variety of levels. When you first start the game, you should try to go to the quests for each chapter appear on the upper-left side in the tab for quests. The main quests provide huge amounts of EXP which can helps you to level up quickly. Furthermore, the chapters unlocks new abilities like Blacksmith fishing, Alchemy, Meteor Warzone, Abyss etc. within the games. If you’re stuck in Chapter quests, leave a comment below and we’d be happy to assist you.

Apart from that you’ll also encounter other quests, and these are also a great source of rewards.

Take a look at the Dungeon Modes In Aura Kingdom 2

There are many dungeon-types that are available in Aura Kingdom 2 where you can grind up a variety of items.

  • Story – Equipment, ExP
  • The Temptation of Temple – EXP
  • Gold Dungeon – Gold farming
  • Tournament – skill books
  • Temple of Eidolons Temple of Eidolons Eidolon gacha ticket, EXP dust
  • Seven Gods – Eidolon’s crystals; attack, defense, mana crystal
  • Time-limited events – blue diamonds, rune, experience books, etc.

Learn About Eidolons

To participate in certain dungeons or events You will require Eidolons. In these missions only Eidolons are able to participate.

Eidolons are the character from Aura Kingdom 2. Aura Kingdom 2 game that you can include in your team. Eidolons can help you by enhancing your abilities that boost your total power. It is possible to add as many as five Eidolons to your squad. The strength of the squad will reflect the total strength of the principal character. If you are equipped with the most powerful and effective Eidolons available, you’ll have more power.

Click the menu button> Eidolon > Eidolons There you can look up the list of all Eidolons characters. Select any Eidolon, and examine his/her stats. You can increase their level by strengthening them; Eidolon EXP Dust. You can gift them to boost affinity and increase stat bonuses.

Getting Eidolons In Aura Kingdom 2

You can purchase Eidolons with an Eidolon gacha or diamonds. In the mall, go to> Eidolon and then Eidolon gacha and then there you can purchase diamonds in blue or chromatic to get Eidolons. Be aware that it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll receive Eidolons. You could be able to get their shards or Will.

Get Stronger In Aura Kingdom 2

There are a variety of ways to become powerful Aura Kingdom 2: Aura Kingdom 2: –

  • The ability to level up is available – grind EXP in dungeons and event modes, and quickly level up.
  • Skills – improve the skills of the main character
  • Talent – use points to build the talent tree
  • Make sure the gears are secure
  • Upgrade and equip the mount
  • Upgrade and equip the wings
  • You can get More Eidolons and complete five-character squad
  • Level up Eidolons
  • Create them with their Will material
  • Make friends with Eidolons by gifting them with gifts
  • Equip Eidolons gears

Check For the Events

There are a variety of different event modes available within Aura Kingdom 2. Aura Kingdom 2 video game in which you can harvest weapons and armors, EXP, blue diamonds, gold, and so on. The top menu is expanded -> events, and there will be various game modes in which you can harvest a wide range of items

  • Commission Quest Commission Quest EXP and weapons
  • Bounty – gold and exp
  • Event tower with Blue diamonds and crystals arcane stone, starstone etc.
  • Party Quest – gold
  • Arena Honor Coins
  • Merc Quests – Gold and EXP

Get involved in An Active Guild ASAP

Being a member of a guild comes with numerous benefits. You can sign up each day for daily rewards as well as access to the guild quests to earn blue diamonds, and access to the guild war, territory war the guild store, guild base and more.

Take The Freebies In Aura Kingdom 2

    • Make friends with you to collect blue diamonds
    • The gift menu lets you earn daily rewards online
    • Join the guild to receive reward points for free
    • Total success

Here are some Aura Kingdom 2 tactics and tips for beginners that are accompanied by an overview guide. If you have additional suggestions to share, post them in the comments below



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