Astral Fable: Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

For those who are interested, Astral Fable is a brand-new mobile MMORPG developed from EYOUGAME(USS). Learn more about the Astral Fable guide; tips, cheats, strategies, and tricks to become stronger.

Astral Fable

EYOUGAME(USS), The Elora’s Raid game publisher, has launched a brand new MMORPG dubbed Astral Fable. If you’ve played previous MMORPGs and found them similar, you’ll discover them to be identical. The game is played in three ways: players can choose to play as warriors, hunters, and mages. Those are the three classes the player can choose at the beginning of the game.
Then, you’ll go on the quest to complete the primary quests, in which you’ll encounter a variety of adorable characters across the map of fantasy and finish their duties. If you are just beginning to play the game, you’ve come to the right place. In this Astral Fable, the guide covers the game’s basic rules. We also have posted several Astral Fable tips, cheats and strategies that you might enjoy. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get to the main page.


Astral Fable: Guide, Tips & Cheats –

The goal of Astral Fable is to strengthen your character. It is not a difficult at the beginning of the game because there’s no difficult task to complete; however, as you complete these main quests, you will gain EXP and increase your level your character; battle quests begin in which you will fight your enemies on the map with the PvE or PvP. The difficulty will increase as you progress through the primary quests. Learn everything thoroughly and discover all the Astral Fable tips & tricks to:

Select The Most Excellent Class

At the beginning of the game, it asks you to select one of three classes: warrior, hunter and mage. Each class is unique and has its own characteristics, and all classes are equally balanced. Warrior With Warrior, the class you have the opportunity to fight close-fought battles, as his primary weapon is the sword, which can inflict a slash of destruction to enemies within close range. It’s a melee type of class.

Hunter class Hunter class Hunter is among the most popular classes available in Astral Fable. It’s the one you should pick if you wish to eliminate enemies fast, With an impressive DPS and ranged attacks. The hunter is the most effective class you can pick in this game.

Mage class Mage is a class in that Mage can also do decent damage; however, her primary strength lies in her ability. Mage’s abilities provide CC abilities that aid greatly during a fight as well as CC effects include stopping opponents from using their powers.

We suggest picking Hunter since she’s adept at inflicting damage on opponents from a distance.

Complete The Dailies

You must complete all daily challenges if you’re a F2P player. It’s crucial since these daily challenges offer incredible rewards that allow you to build your character quickly. On the upper-right side, you can tap the daily button, and you’ll find many games or daily tasks to complete in exchange for various rewards such as an offline diamond, bound diamond Scroll boss, symbol and many more.

Learn to Level Up quickly in Astral Fable

Upgrading your level unlocks the functions that were locked at the beginning. For instance, the Elf function is unlocked at the level of 81. In the top-left corner of the display, click your character’s avatar. Once on the page for your profile, you will be able to examine the EXP needed to advance into the next stage. To reach, for instance, level 79, you’ll need 3251K EXP. Here’s how you can level up quickly to level up quickly in Astral Fable: –

  • Completing the major quests main quests provide enormous EXP and are simple to finish
  • Bounty Quests (Daily Bounty Quests (Daily Bounty Quest)
  • Bottling Suggestion (Daily Bottling Suggestion) (Daily Bottling Suggestion)
  • EXP Dungeon Earn a huge amount of EXP through this dungeon(Daily to earn EXP Dungeon Go)
  • Pet Dungeon
  • Gear Dungeon
  • Limited Event
  • Solo Arena
  • Sailing Event
  • Sailing Rob
  • Guild Daily
  • Forging Dungeon
  • Purify Dungeon
  • Steal Fish
  • Glyph Dungeon
  • Deity Dungeon

These are the game modes that give huge EXP to the player. Try them out, and you’ll be able to level up quickly.

Upgrade Your Gears

You can acquire high-level gears by completing the gear dungeon or beating the boss in World boss mode. Add them to your character to make her stronger to take on any creature!

Get Stronger In In Astral Fable

Here’s how you can become stronger(increase CP – Combat Power) in the Astral Fable: –

  • Level Up
  • Equip high-tier gears
  • Make gears forging; improve by inlay gems, purify and enhance
  • Skills – activate and unlock talents, skills
  • Sphere to equip sphere. There are various types of spheres: ATK, DEF, Shield and many more. You can get spheres from the treasure hunt/sphere or quests
  • Upgrade Wings, Elf Mount, Arms Pets, Deity and Upgrade Wings.

You can join An Active Guild.

When you join in the Guild, you’ll be able to participate in guild-based games. For instance, Guild Demon mode – from this mode, you can acquire gears of the G6 tier. Guild Siege – from this mode, you earn contributions points, EXP orbs, gear chests, and other items.

In addition, joining the guild will earn you a reward as an offline card.

Make use of an offline card to grind.

It is possible to get offline cards from dailies as well as guilds. Users can grind EXP and gears with cards, but you are not online. The gear icon is located in the lower left corner, then settings, and finally, press the orange and button next to the offline time status.

Get The Freebies

Expand the menu, and tap the benefit button at the top of the page. There you can earn cash rewards for free: –

    • Check-in daily
    • The reward for completing levels
    • Pray – Free prayer to earn gold and EXP
    • Redeem Here, and you can redeem a coupon
  • You can obtain Astral Fable codes from the Eyogame Facebook page(developer’s official account).
  • This blog post’s entire content is about the Astral Fable guide, tips and tricks for beginners.


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