Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy For Beginners

  • Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy Walkthrough for Android & iOS. Everything you need to know about the game, from crafting to survival, multiplayer to taming, and crafting to crafting, is here

Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Guide

  • Ark Survival Evolved Mobile by Studio Wildcard is a new survival game for Android or iOS. You will need to survive on an island full of dangerous and friendly creatures. What is the time it takes to build a city in this Island? The first step is to build a well-protected, stone house. Finally, you have a city and your dino team. Then, you become the king in the forest. It’s not an easy process, but it is long. This post will cover everything you need to know about Ark Survival Evolved Mobile: Ark Survival Evolved Mobile strategy, tips, and cheats (Android and iOS).

    Get Started – The Essentials – Ark Survival Evolved Mobile

Ark Survival Evolved Mobile

  • Let’s start with the basics before we move on to the tips and tricks section. You will be the only person on an island that is mysterious at the beginning of the game. Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Game features three game modes: PvP and PvE. Below is a guide to PvP (multiplayer) and PvE (multiplayer). You only have to survive in single player. No one can kill you (except dinosaurs) and no one can steal your structures. Multiplayer allows you to play against players from around the globe.

  • Multiplayer mode is dynamic. Let’s say you play for 4 hours, create a beautiful house on an Island, and then you quit the game. You are now offline. You can’t play with other players. They can kill you (when you’re offline), and they can take or destroy your house (when you’re offline). That’s the challenge. There are many ways to avoid being killed or looted by players offline (but not permanently). Check out the cheats, tips section below.

    Ark Survival Evolved’s mobile game has another great feature: you can create your own dino team (the taming guide for them is below). You can ride on them or even fly (tame the flying dinosaur), and they will protect you. You will enjoy a variety of benefits when you tame a flying creature. These include fast speed (you can get resources quickly), getting rid of enemies, great transport medium and many other benefits.

    You can also breed up to two creatures (the breeding guide is available ). You will gain XP as you craft and gather resources. Once you have filled the XP bar you can level up (leveling guide below). You will gain engrams as you level up (engrams guide is below). This will allow you to access new tools, crafting structure, and features. Let’s get started with the Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Guide. After that, you can check out our Ark Survival Evolved strategy, tips, and cheats for Android and iOS (for beginners).

    1.) Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Walkthrough Android And iOS

    • First, create a character. Follow the instructions on the screen to begin the game. You will be near a beach for the first time. The map is all you have at the start of the game.

    • Nature has many rich resources that can be used for crafting, building, and even survival. These are the essential elements that keep your body alive:

      • Food
      • Water
      • HP

      You can get food from the bush; all you need is your hands. To avoid water shortages or to get water, go to the waterside. HP – Your HP can be decreased if your diet includes poisonous foods, if you are hit by a dinosaur, or because of climate change (cold, too many hours, no rest). You can recover HP by eating food(some food items heals the body, when you tap the food icon you can check the impact of it when you eat it) or the simplest situation is drinking a potion/beverage(watch the video ad and you could get it).

    • That’s it. You are safe if you have good health, food and water. Next, you need to level up (read the guide below). You gain access to more features (engrams) when you level up.

      You can then gather materials like fiber (from plants), wood (from trees), hide(kill animals), metal(from rock), thatch, banana, palm, and other resources to make tools.

      • You can also craft and build a Stone Pick weapon (you can use it to cut trees as well destroy stones).
      • Gather resources (thatch, wood and fiber).
      • A thatched house is possible
      • You can then create a storage to store some of your inventory.
      • To cook meat and get rid of the cold, build a campfire
      • To kill time and take some rest, make a sleeping bag
      • Obtain more resources, increase your level, and create new items
      • Tame dinosaurs
      • Construct a city
      • You can be the forest king. That’s it!
      • Level 20 is the minimum requirement to join an online membership
      • Enjoy a simple mode
      • Next, medium and hard!
      • This is an easy walkthrough for Ark Survival Evolved Mobile beginners. Let’s get started and learn all about the Android and iOS versions of Ark Survival Evolved.

      2.) Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Guide Android and iOS

      • This section will cover crafting, crafting, building and taming as well as leveling up, survival, engrams and multiplayer. You should read every word.

        • Controls Guide

        Let’s see all the gestures that you can do on your touchscreen.

        1. Swipe Up – Jump, Fly(Mounted/Riding a creature), Attack(Mounted/Riding a creature)
        2. Swipe Down – Reload ammo, land(Mounted).
        3. Sprint – Double Tap for a fast run
        4. Tap and Hold (left side of screen) – Walk
        5. Swipe left from the edge (left swipe). – Hold down on the right side to open the hot bar/quick acces/ hold down on your right side.
        6. Simple Tap – Gather and use to attack, mount, or activate
        7. Tap and Hold (right side) – Open inventory. Dismount creature, look around and open inventory.
        8. Double Tap and Hold – Turret Fire (mounted), repeat gather nock bow attack with a pistol
        9. Double-tap inventory item – Move items to the hotbar or transfer them from one side to the other.
        10. Mount – One tap to mount (make sure you’re looking at it).
      • Hot Bar Guide and Inventory

      To access your inventory, tap the bag icon at the top-left of the screen. Double-tap an item to move it to the hot bar (quick access). To get quick access to weapons and other items, you can move them to the hotbar.

      • Guide to Leveling Up

      •     In Ark Survival Evolved Mobile game, when you gather resources or complete the quests(you can check quests at the top-right side of the screen), you earn XP. Go to the inventory tab -> head to the character tab -> there you can see XP bar. Collect enough XP and fill the bar. Once done, tap one of the character’s attributes(health, stamina, Oxygen, Food or more) and tap the level up button. You can level up fast if you complete the quests. Go to the inventory tab -> at the left side, you can check quests. If you are having trouble in completing a quest, then select it and tap the abandon option. This will skip the quest and you will get new quests. As you level up, you earn engrams. Engrams or learning points are used to learn to craft    

      • Engrams Guide

      You cannot craft items in this game if you don’t know how to. To craft new items you must first learn. This can be done using engrams points. Tap the bag icon in the upper-left corner to open the menu. Then, go to the third tab, Engrams. Choose an item that you wish to craft and follow the instructions. Level restrictions prevent you from learning most of the items. To learn more or gain access to more items, you can level up. You will be able craft the item once you have learned.

      • Crafting Guide


      Crafting Guide

      Ark Survival Evolved Mobile’s main feature is crafting. Tap the bag icon in the upper-left corner to open the menu. Next, go to the crafting tab. Tap on the item you wish to craft. If you have sufficient resources, it will be possible to craft it. You can see the required resources for crafting an item by tapping it. Tap the craft button. That’s it. The inventory will now contain the crafted item.

      • Building Guide

      Tap the place and item in the inventory. Hold down and drag it to the place you wish to build it. Double-tap to confirm. The items you have created can be destroyed by looking at them (aim), then tapping the destruct icon at the top-left. You can also pick items such as a sleeping bag. Look at the item and then tap the pick up icon.

      • Taming Guide

      Do you want to keep dinosaurs at home? Taming dinosaurs is a great process. You can use it to build a complete dino team. It will also increase your responsibilities. Once you have tamed a dinosaur you can ride on it, use it to transport you, or attack you. All enemies will be protected by the tamed dinosaur. They are not immortal and can be killed by enemies.

      Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Game: How to Tame Dinosaurs

      There are many ways to control dinosaurs. This guide is intended for beginners. You will become able to craft a tool, the tranquilizer dart. This is a poisonous dart that can be used to incapacitate a dinosaur. For this, you need a stone arrow, narcotic(Narcoberry+spoiled meat[raw meat]) and simple rifle ammo. We will show you the basics since you are just starting out.

        1. Step 1. Step 1.) Create a punching tool.
        2. Step 2. Step 2.) Unconscious the dinosaur
        3. Step 3. Step 3.)

        Let me explain in detail: –

        To tame a dinosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved Mobile, the first thing you need to do is to make it unconscious. These weapons can be used to accomplish this:

        • Wooden Club
        • Sling Shot (requires stone). – You can attack from a distance
        • Bow
        • Crossbow
        • Punching

        If you’re a beginner, I recommend that you choose a wooden club or slingshot. These weapons can be used to attack the dinosaur. Hit the dinosaur until it is unconscious.

        Let me explain in detail

      1. Once you have done this, you’ll see the message, “This dinosaur is now unconscious. Put food in its place to be tamed.” All dinosaurs can be tamed. It is possible to control all dinosaurs if you put food in their mouths.

      Let me explain in detail

      1. Tap the bag icon (in the upper left corner) to add food to the inventory. Double tap to add food to the dino’s inventory. You can add berries, fruits, or other items if the dinosaur is a herbivore. If it is not herbivores, put meat. You can search Google for Dino’s name to see if it is herbivores and/or carnivores.

        You can also put fruits, and see if the dinosaur is eating them. Next, add the meat and verify that it is eating. The top will have a taming line. (Put enough food in order to continue). The dinosaur will follow you when the taming bars reaches its maximum level. You should not put Narcoberries in your inventory. That’s it. You can also see Best Android offline games.

        To reap more benefits, you can tame a flying creature. To make it unconscious, you can use a harpoon launcher or bow, crossbow, or slingshot-like weapon. These flying creatures often come to the edge of water to drink water. These creatures are very helpful and can be spotted.

      1. This is how to tame a dinosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved mobile video game.
        • Multiplayer Guide

        Ark Survival Evolved Mobile can be played online in PvP mode. Single player mode will require you to quit the game immediately. It will not affect your progress. Tap the bag icon in the upper left corner. Next, click the 2nd tab.

        You are now on the main screen. Click the Join Online button and the game prompts you to link it with your Google Play Games account. To continue, tap Accept. Once you have been linked, click the Join Online button again.

        You can choose the multiplayer mode you want. Check the name in the upper-left corner. If it matches your Google Play Games account, it means that your account has been linked.

      Multiplayer Guide

      1. Select a server to begin. Tap one of the servers on the left. If it is full, you will not be able to join. Tap the seat that is available and hit the Join button at the top right corner. If the list is full, refresh it.

        Note the server name (i.e. Raptor is the only server that will save your progress. Yeah! Yes! If you don’t wish to lose your progress, don’t create another survivor. You can continue your progress by joining it back when you rejoin it (read the respawn guide for more information).

        Multiplayer Mode: How to Get Started

        First, create a character. Next, start the game. The same thing applies to multiplayer as single-player mode. Multiplayer multiplayer can make you kill or steal your resources. To learn how to protect yourself, check out the Ark Survival Evolved Mobile cheats and tips.

        What happens if you quit the game (in multiplayer mode?

        You’re offline. Your character and other players are not offline. They can take down your character, and you might see the message in your log: Survivor was killed or taken out by another survivor. For more information, please refer to the respawn guide. The progress (except for inventory items) can not be lost even if you die. Go to the main screen and click Join Online. Select the same server. Click spawn. You can also see Lowest MB Android games.

      • Respawn Guide

      1. You only have one chance to retrieve the items you have collected, whether you are playing single-player or multiplayer. Your body will be respawned at random. Follow the navigation icon to find it. You will find a bag by going to the green point. You can then take the bag out and wait for it to decompress before you collect the items.

        This Ark Survival Evolved Mobile Guide is for Android and iOS users (beginners). Let’s get started with the Ark survival evolved mobile tips, tricks & strategy.

      Ark Survival Evolved Mobile tips, cheats & strategy

      #1.) Don’t forget to lock the usage

      Ark Survival Evolved Mobile tips


    • In multiplayer mode, you can lock the game and limit other players’ access. You might build a house, and then you store resources inside. Lock the door. How do you do this?
    • Take a look at the door (or aim), and tap the menu icon in the upper-right corner. Next, set lock -> create new pin -> that’s all. You can also set the lock for other items such as Campfire, tools and many more.

      It’s temporary because they can still use weapons to destroy it. However, it is a smart idea to lock the door. This reduces the chance of theft. To reduce the chance of being looted by others, you can build upgraded items (made from stone or metal). See also The best war games for Android

      #2.) Build Necessary Things First

      You can build a small house with thatch foundation (learn more using engrams). To achieve it, you will need to craft or build a weapon to cut trees, destroy stones, and kill creatures. These are the structures you should make:

      • Sleeping bag
      • The thatched house
      • Campfire
      • Weapons: bow, arrow and spear, wooden club, stone pick and many more
      • Storage – You can’t store unlimited items in your inventory. You can transfer some items to a storage unit.
    • #3.) Become The Forest King

    1. Ark Survival Evolved Mobile will not allow anyone to defeat you if you can tame a powerful dinosaur. To tame a powerful dinosaur, you must build a small team of dinos (to incapacitate that strong dinosaur). You can start with 1, 2, 3, 4 and then build a team of dinos. Take down a single powerful dinosaur to become the forest king. The taming guide is available above.

      To hunt dinosaurs, you should have a variety of weapons. To tame a carnivore dinosaur, cook them. Also, check out The best open-world Android games

    #4.) Level-Up to access more features

    1. You will learn new weapons as you level up. You can gather resources, craft and build items, hunt dinosaurs, tame them, and earn XP. Earn engrams and level up. Learn new items with engrams

    #5.) Maintain the body status

    1. Maintain your body. The screen’s bottom-center shows information about your body, including health, food and water. Keep alive by eating healthy food and drinking water. Do not mess with the powerful dinosaurs at first. Start small and attack the dinosaurs with your dino team.

    #6.) Claim freebies

    Don’t forget to watch the video ad after every certain hour to get the free rewards.


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