Animal Restaurant Game: Garden Guide For Beginners

The garden can be unlocked in Animal Restaurant once the players reach 500 Ratings. The garden can be purchased for 100K Cod.

Animal Restaurant

All players begin their journey in a small kitchen and restaurant. You will earn more money and in-game currency, Cod, as you expand the restaurant. You can move on to the garden once you have earned 100K Cod and your ratings have reached the 500-star mark. You can add many facilities to your garden, just like the Animal Restaurant and Kitchen game. You can make wishes by wishing well, which allows you to earn Cod and star ratings. Let’s take a look at this Animal Restaurant game. This is a guide to gardening for beginners. Additional Animal Restaurant codes 2021

Animal Restaurant Game – Garden Guide⇓

Tap the (), button in the left-center section of the game screen to move to the left side. You will be taken to the garden screen, where you can purchase the garden if you meet the minimum requirements of 100K Cod and 500 star ratings. This guide will help you increase your star-ratings quickly and make more money.

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Animal Garden Game Wishing You Well:

Every day, you can make (2) wishes. This is your free quota. You can also make additional wishes by watching the video ads. Tap the menu button and choose garden. Next, click wishing well. Then buy the Bowl Fountain tier. For more rewards, you can upgrade it to Bird Bath or River God Pond. Once it is installed, tap on the wishing well to make your wish. Voila! Grab your reward.

Sow seeds in the garden beds

There are many types of garden beds that you can grow flowers. For example – Daisy Garden. Plant the seeds and then grow daisy plants. These flowers will be viewed by customers and you may get star-ratings. This is another way to earn star-ratings, other than quests and upgrades. You can also build more, such as Sunflower, Rose and Bluebell Garden Bed. These garden beds can be upgraded for greater views and rewards.

Place the Garden Table in The Garden

Growing flowers can earn you star-ratings, as we have already mentioned. You will need to place flowers in vases, and customers can view them. A simple table is an example. To place the flower in the vase, tap the stem after it has fallen from the pot.

Mailbox and Letters

To receive letters, you need to have a mailbox and a Messenger Hedwig. You can hire Messenger Hedwig from the staff menu for Cod. Next, visit the facilities->garden->mailbox. Tap Messenger Hedwig to send the letter. Within 8-20 hours, she returns to the garden. You can reduce the duration by increasing the level of staff characters.

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