Animal Restaurant Game: Buffet, Plates, Temp Worker Yolky

The Animal Restaurant game allows players to unlock Buffet when they have reached 1500 star-ratings. You can buy Buffet for 300K Cod. This will help you earn Cod

The game has four sections: the restaurant, the kitchen, the garden and the buffet. You serve customers in the restaurant. You can prepare the dishes in the Kitchen. You can grow flowers and make wishes in the garden. The buffet is where you can get Conveyor Belts and Ice Cream Points as well as Self-serve Drinking Machines and Gachapon. When you’re offline, the buffet in Animal Restaurant allows you to earn Cod/Idle automatically. This Animal Restaurant game Buffet guide will explain everything. Additional Animal Restaurant codes 2021

Animal Restaurant

Requirements to Unlock Buffet

300K Cod is required. You must also have at least 1500 star-ratings. button to visit the Buffet section. Spend the Cod to unlock Buffet. You will initially be equipped with a conveyor belt that delivers Buffet Recipes to customers. In return, you will earn Cod passively.

Requirements To Unlock Buffet

Buffet Recipes

Two types of Animal Restaurant recipes are available: freshly prepared, and those that are served at the Restaurant. The Buffet recipes are also available. Each recipe comes with a price. Learn new recipes with the green plates to increase your passive income. You can find Buffet recipes by going to the menu->recipes-> at the bottom of the recipes menu, go to the Buffet tab. To check the value of a recipe, tap on it; self-serve income.

Green Plates in the Animal Restaurant Game

To learn buffet recipes, you need green plates. How do you get green plates? Tap the + button in the upper-left corner next to the Cod amount you have in the current -> this will open a shop. It has two tabs, Cod Supply Point or Plate Supply Point. You can claim daily plates by going to the Plate Supply Point tab. To see more plates, you can view the video Ad. This is one way to get plates for free.

Green Plates In The Animal Restaurant Game

You can also hire the staff worker by going to the menu and clicking on the staff tab. Scroll down to the bottom. You will see a staff character called Temp Worker Yolky. Tap his picture to hire him. To hire him, you will need 500K Cod. You will receive 50 plates every four hours. You can also level him for more plate


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