AFK Arena Mezoth Guide: Skills, Role, Tier

Azoth is the newest hero of AFK Arena. Check out the AFK Arena Mezoth’s guide to his tier, abilities and information about his role for those who are new to the game.

AFK Arena Mezoth: –

AFK Arena

Azoth is a hero of the tank type of the AFK Arena game. Azoth was added during the March 2020’s update for Android and iOS. If you’ve received Mezoth from summons and are thinking about whether he’s good to you or not, you’re on the right path. In this article, we’ve shared an overview of Mezoth’s information, such as skills, role level, tier, etc. We should not waste our time and get to the main page.

  • Tank Role
  • Type – Strength
  • DMG Physical Damage
  • Class Tank
  • Faction – Hypongeans
  • Signature Item Signature Item Blood and Gore

Mezoth Tier: –

  • Ratings S
  • PvE S
  • PvP S+
  • Soren – A
  • Wizz – A

Skills: –

  • Devour

Devour is the top talent of Mezoth. By using this ability, Mezoth becomes immune to the ability of crowd control enemies when his health or vitality is more than 50 per cent. Not only that, but Mezoth can also devour the enemy and keeps them inside his stomach until the energy disappears completely. The person inside his stomach is affected by the HP decrease.

  • Demonic Hunger

Demonic Hunger is among the talents of Mezoth. Through this ability, he can gain an armour for a short period, which causes damage to enemies in front, reducing their speed.

  • Abyssal Butchery

Another one of the talents of Mezoth that allows him to strike multiple times at his enemies during combat.

  • Carnivorous Lust

Carnivorous Lust is a passive ability of Mezoth that is activated at the beginning of the battle – it increases the max HP Mezoth.

He’s a decent player in PvE, or PvP. He can assist you tremendously at the last minute.

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