Adorable Home Game – How To Prepare Bento Box?

Do you know how to make the bento box for the Adorable Home game? Check out the Adorable Home game walkthrough to make bento boxes for your game’s partner.

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The process of making the bento boxes in the Adorable Home game is pretty simple – you have to purchase the items from the supermarket or market and then place them in the three slots in the box. If the player leaves home to go to work, the game will ask him to take this box to return it when he returns from work. It’s one of the most effective methods to win affection or even hearts. In the beginning, we suggest checking out the Adorable Home game guide that will show players what you need to know about Adorable Home. In this article, we’ve shared a step-by-step guide for how to make bento boxes. Without further delay, we’ll get to it!

Prepare Bento

How To Prepare Bento Box In Adorable Home Game?

You can make the bento boxes when your partner is home. You’ll see the bento box symbol on the lower-right side of the lounge screen. Tap it , and on the following screen, you’ll be able to make the bento box.

Adorable Home

What Are The Requirements To Prepare Bento Boxes?

Adding the main course dish to the main course slot, a side dish for your side dish, and dessert for the dessert portion are essential. You can also change boxes by tapping on the box.

How To Get Food Items?

You can purchase food items like the store’s main dish, the side course, and the dessert dish. Click the home icon in the lower right corner to bring up the menu. Then press the shop button will bring you to the shop . Go to the food tab, and this tab will list the entire menu: an introductory course, dessert, and dessert. Shop for different food items for various courses. If you’ve come across any combos you like, let us know in the comments below!

How To Earn More Love?

Earn more Love Points when you put top-quality food items in the bento container. The shop has are a variety of dishes at various price points. Higher-priced dishes give more points for love to the player.

What To Do After Preparing The Bento Box?

After you’ve prepared your bento bowl, you have to do is to wait until the next day’s game. Your partner will depart from the home to go to work and return it after office hours.

There is a symbol for him on the bento slot in the lower-right corner after returning from work. Tap the icon to take the opportunity to claim his affection.

So this would be all in this post on how to prepare a bento box in Adorable Home game.


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