Arrows & Bullets Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Beginners

Arrows & Bullets is a brand new tactical shooter game developed for mobile devices designed by Mechanist. Let’s take a look at Arrows & Bullets guide, tricks, cheats, and strategies


Arrows & Bullets is a brand new tactical shooter game designed for mobile devices developed by Mechanist. Let’s take a look at Arrows & Bullets’ guide, tips, cheats , and strategies.

Mechanist, a well-known brand for the Game of Sultans game, is releasing the brand-new tactical shooter game dubbed Arrows & Bullets on mobile app stores. The game’s player is a part of a group of heroes that shoot monsters using their guns. There’s plenty to play in the game: the PvE game mode, PvP arenas games, game modes that grind into in-game currency, heroes to acquire and upgrade, and more. In this post, we’ve shared our Arrows & Bullets guide and Arrows & Bullets tips, strategies, and cheats for those who are new to the game. Don’t waste time and get for the main article.

Arrows & Bullets Guide

You must be aware of a few things, and we’ve addressed them in this introductory section. Every player starts in the adventure mode, where you have to complete the levels with two different difficulty modes, elite and normal. In these levels, you take on monsters. The heroes are placed from the formation menu and fight them on their own. In the full unlock stage, you can deploy at least six of your heroes to the battlefield.

In addition to the PvE stage mode, there are various game modes in which you have to face creatures with more difficulty. Each of these game modes is accessible through on the main screen(tap the home button at the bottom of the menu to access your home screen). Click on challenges. Then, you can access the arena mode, where you battle other players for arena tokens and the rank. What do you do to unlock more modes of your Arrows & Bullets game?

It is necessary to raise the level of your core. Let’s find out how!

Arrows & Bullets City Core

City Core

City Core, or the Castle on the main display of the game, is the primary construction that houses the entire city. Upgrades to it allow for new features such as forging regular quests and quests and vanquishing temples, taverns, and more. Click on the city core and then click the upgrade button on your screen’s right-hand edge. It is necessary to have a certain number of core shards to upgrade the city’s core. Core Shards can be acquired by using the: –

  • Stages cleared in adventure mode. Random drops
  • From the most prestigious stages
  • Cosmic Challenges; Raid or Challenge
  • Activity Chests

Arrows & Bullets Hero Guide

 Hero Guide

Heroes rarity – SSR, SR, R. Higher the rarity, higher the stats of a hero.

How do you make heroes?

To unlock the full hero, you need to accumulate enough shards. To open or gain access to Odin(hero) to unlock the hero, you must gather 200 bits of Odin. These shards can be obtained through the elite stage reward or arena store and summoning. The primary method of getting hero shards Arrows & Bullets is through summoning.

Go to the home screen, and tap the statue, and you’ll be taken to the portal for summoning. Press the summon button, and you can spend diamonds or crystals or gather stones to acquire Hero’s shards. Three banners are available, master, regular, and pool. Tap them to view the drops of the heroes.

Return to the home screen and tap the backpack button on the lower-right side. Next, head to the hero shards tab, where you can view all the shards you’ve collected to date. If you tap any character, A small window will appear, which will display the number of cards you have and the number of cards you need to combine or summon them.

Hero Skills

Each of the heroes has unique abilities that are activated during the combat. For instance, support heroes possess healing abilities. This means they can heal allies during the fight. Knowing the capabilities of the heroes, you will be using in the combat is essential. To test the heroes’ abilities, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose the power-up option on the bottom of the menu, and then select heroes
  • In the tab for heroes, choose the hero you want to play, and on the second screen, go to the description tab.
  • Under the description tab, under the section on skills, you will be able to see all the skills heroes have.
  • Tap the icon for the skill to read the details of the skill

If you have many heroes, you should compare their talents. We suggest focusing specifically on SR or SSR rare heroes since they can help you out at the end of the game. However, rare heroes are only effective in the initial stages.

How do I get the hero equipment?

The equipment can be forged at the workshop. The workshop is located in the city. Head to the home screen> workshop building, develop, invest in diamonds or generate rocks to create the equipment. You’ll receive the equipment shards; just as hero shards, you require a certain amount of equipment shards before unlocking the equipment. Go towards the bit for equipment to look over all the chips in your backpack.

When you’ve got enough, you can combine and purchase the equipment.

Equipment Quality Equipment Quality SSR, SR, R N+ N. The better the quality of equipment is higher the numbers. Therefore, you should invest in top-quality equipment immediately. SSR>SR>R>N+>N.

Challenges: –

  • Arena – Arena Tokens
  • Gladium – Gladium Tokens – Minion Materials
  • Monster Hunt – Hunting Tokens – Relic Materials
  • Treasure Hunt – Treasure Tokens – Redeem Treasure Maps
  • Cosmic Field – Cosmic Tokens – Redeem Rare Items

Quests: –

  • Achievements – Diamonds, Summon Crystal, Promotion Stones, Upgrade Stones, Ascend Tome, Soul Ore, Etc.
  • Daily Quests – Diamonds, Enchant Stone, Vanquish Token, Core Shards
  • Bounty – Talent Orbs

This is the whole point of this Arrows & Bullets guide for those who are new to the game. Let’s take a look at this guide’s Arrows & Bullets tips, strategies, and cheats!

Arrows & Bullets Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Power Up The Heroes

The development of your heroes as you move throughout the course of the play is very crucial. We would suggest that you focus on SSR or SR top-quality heroes. They are methods to build heroes and strengthen them so that they can take down the monsters and bosses at regular and elite situations and in elite levels.

  • Always use the top equipment available.
  • Upgrade the equipment, and to upgrade the stone
  • Promote the equipment; require promotion stones
  • Ascend the equipment, the ascending rocks, universal components blueprint
  • Upgrade the hero, XP-themed tome
  • Promote the heroes; tome
  • Ascend to the hero – Ascend scrolls, books, and stones for promotion
  • Equip runes, talent orbs, runes, relics

It is possible to grind all of these items using the stages mode. You can repeat the stages or the privileged way to mine these items. Then, invest in the gear and hero. Make sure you have all the equipment and heroes before you start the fight.

2.) Complete The Quests

Start by opening the home screen and selecting quests at the top-right corner and then select achievements daily, bounty, and daily. Make sure you complete these quests to get diamonds, summon stones, or forge stones or other important objects. Hail the heroes and create the top-quality equipment; try to acquire SSR or SR top-quality equipment and heroes whenever you can. Also, work on making the heroes.

3.) Upgrade The City Core

You need to update the city’s core to unlock new functions within the game, as many of them are unavailable in the initial match. Make sure you collect core shards in the order you can upgrade your city core to gain get access to additional features.

4.) Play All The Challenge Modes

Are you bored of playing on the mode of PvE? It would be best if you considered trying the challenges in which you battle opponents on the field, and monsters, and more challenging opponents. It’s a lot better over the game modes PvE as it makes you strive to become the top! Take part in the arena monster hunt Gladium cosmic field and more challenge modes.

5.) Go AFK And Grind Items

This is a form of Idle RPG. If your resources are depleted, and the heroes are at their maximum level, yet the enemy remains strong – there is only one way for you to advance: move to AFK and grind the items. Visit the home screen and click the idle button on the left-hand side of the screen -> get the rewards free at the moment and later. You can also play past stages again, and repeat them until you have the items.

Keep working on the heroes!

These are the basics Arrows & Bullets tips for beginner players. If you have any additional information to share with fellow players, please leave a comment below.


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