7DS Grand Cross Slater: Gear Set, Skills, Tier

Are you sure Slater of Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is an investment-worthy hero in? Check out the following article for Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Slater information, tiers, gear build, and skills.
7DS Grand Cross includes multiple Slater characters, including Hunter Slater and Captain Slater. Both heroes at the gacha(draw shop) with the help of crystals or gacha tickets. If you’ve obtained the characters you want, you may wonder if they’re excellent. If so, then you’re on the right path. Today’s article has provided the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Slater character’s guide, tiers, skills, and gear build. Without further delay, we’ll get going.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Hunter Slater: –


  • Tier – A
  • Type – Speed
  • Color – Blue
  • Grade – SSR
  • Faction – Overpower
  • Race – Human

Skills: –

  • Iron Slash – with this ability, Hunter Slater inflicts severe damage to one person. The severity of injury boosts the chance of CRIT.
  • Sawblade – using this skill, Hunter Slater inflicts damage on one person. When you have reached the level 2 level of the craft, Hunter Slater will be able to eliminate any stances and disable the stance skill.
  • Ultimate Move With this ability, Hunter Slater inflicts damage and also applies to infect staus. The status of infect blocks statistics related to recovery.
  • Unique passive skill boosts the Critical Chances of attacking the opponent with the empty ULT move gauge.

Gear Build/Set for Hunter Slater: –

  • Critical Rate/Crito
  • Critical Damage/CritD

Captain S


  • Tier – A
  • Grade – SR
  • Type – Strength
  • Color – Red
  • Faction – Roars of Dawn
  • Race – Human
  • Skills: –
    • Blade Wave – with this ability Captain Slater deals single-target damage, and then life steals 20-40 percent from the amount of damage. The lifestyle skill can heal him to a certain percentage of the damage that is dealt.
    • Overpower – using this skill, Captain Slater reduces the attacks-related stats and shuts down everything for 3-4 turns(except attacks skills)
    • Ultimate – using this skill, Captain Slater inflicts damage on one person and disables the attack capabilities for a few turns.
    • A unique skill that passively decreases the resistance to attack of all adversaries
  • Gear Build/Set: –
    • Attack
    • Defense
  • Both Slaters are excellent for the game in 7DS Grand Cross. We recommend looking over this 7DS Grand Cross Tier List or Reroll Guide for more information on the characters.

So this would be all in this post on Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Slater Characters. 


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