7DS Grand Cross Captain Meliodas Guide: Gear Set, Tier, Skills

Captain Meliodas is a hero in the 7DS Grand Cross. Continue reading for Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Captain Meliodas Guide; gear set, Tier, Skills.

7DS Grand

Captain Meliodas can be found in The Seven Deadly Sins Global Version. He can be obtained from the diamond banner. The drop rate as of the writing of this post was 0.14%. Today’s post will give you an overview of SDS Grand Cross, Captain Meliodas’s hero. Let’s not waste time, and get to the main content.

Captain Meliodas

7DS Grand Cross Captain Meliodas :

    • Attribute – HP
    • Color – Green
    • Race – Demon
    • Grade – SSR
    • Tier – S
    • Role – Attacker
    • Strength – Large Single Target DMG

Captain Meliodas Gear Set: –

    • HP/CritD (Increase Max HP).
    • Attack/Defense(For more firepower)
    • HP/HP/HP (Increase Max HP).

Skills: –

  • Captain Meliodas possesses two skills: one primary and one ultimate. Let’s look at his skills:
    • Hell Blaze – Captain Meliodas can inflict massive damage on a single target with this skill. The skill damage increases as you rank up in this skill.
    • Outburst Counter: Captain Meliodas can use this skill to inflict counterattacks
    • Divine Cuts (ULT) – Captain Meliodas cancels buffs or stances against the enemy and then stuns them for a turn. The stun effect prevents the enemy from using all actions.
    • Unique Skill – Captain Meliodas’ unique skill increases the critical chance

Food To Raise Affinity: –

    • Grilled Beef Herbs
    • Honey Pudding
  • 100 Affinity Points

7DS Grand Cross Captain Meliodas Overview

Captain Meliodas, one of The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross’s most potent attackers, is Captain Meliodas. His Hell Blaze skill, which is very useful and powerful for dealing massive single-target damage, is beneficial. His skill, Outburst Counter, does counterattack and is based on HP, which has been reduced from the maximum cap. If you wish to increase damage/firepower, focus on his HP attribute.

You are welcome to share your opinions/reviews about this hero in the comments section below.

This concludes the 7DS Grand Cross Captain Meliodas overview.


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