7DS Grand Cross Guardian Elaine: Tier, Gear Set, Skills

Are you sure that Guardian Elaine of Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is an excellent character? Find out more here. 7DS Grand Cross Guardian Elaine details about the character, her capabilities, gear sets, and the tier
Guardian Elaine is one of the SSR grade heroes from SDS Grand Cross Global. Like many of the SDS Grand Cross heroes, you can purchase her via gacha draw or coin shop. If you’ve acquired her from one of these sources, and you are wondering whether she’s a great SSR person or not, you’re on the right track. This Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Elaine guide will provide everything you need to know about her level, skill, and equipment. Save time and go for the primary information.

7DS/ Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Guardian Elaine: –


  • Grade – SSR
  • Tier – A
  • Faction – Fairy King’s Forest
  • Race – Fairy
  • Type – HP
  • Color – Green
  • Score – 85/100
  • Role – Attacker, Debuff
  • Skills: –
    • The Fairy King’s Wind Forest – using this ability, Guardian Elaine inflicts damage on only one target and reduces the rank of her skill. The rank-2/3 of this skill drains it. ULT move gauge based upon the number of positions that have been reduced.
    • Wrath of the Gentle Breeze With this skill, Guardian Elaine can cause attack damage to all opponents – the rank-2/3 of this skill drains your ULT move gauge.
    • Ultimate – using this ability, guardian Elaine removes buffs and stances of the opponent and causes damage through the stun effect.
    • Unique – with this ability, Guardian Elaine increases the Fairy faction’s HP-related stats.
  • Gear Set/Build: –
    • HP/Defense
    • Attack/Defense
  • Our opinion is that Guardian Elaine could be a better SSR when compared to others SSR characters. There are better characters to choose from that have the same abilities she has. Therefore, we don’t recommend investing in this particular character—more details about the characters are here.

This is all we have to say in this article regarding Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Guardian Elaine’s Character Info.


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