7DS Galland of Truth: Tier, Gear Set, Skills

Galland of Truth(The Ten Commandments) is the most recent hero to be added to The 7DS Grand Cross global version. Find out more about the 7DS Galland of Truth tier, gear set, and skills.


On March 31 of, 2020, 7 Deadly Sins Grand Cross global has received a brand-new update that brings two new characters to the version for global players. The first can be described as SSR 7DS Gowther. The other option that is 7DS of Truth or Galland of Truth or Galand of Truth. The details are all about the SSR 7DS Gowthere in this article. Chapter 7 is now available. In this post, you’ll find the details for the 7DS Galland of Truth character. If you’ve got this character from the gacha, and are thinking about whether he’s a good character or not, then you’re on the right path. Don’t waste time and go through the main article.

7DS Grand Cross Galland of Truth: –

  • Faction – The Ten Commandments
  • Grade – SSR
  • Attribute – Speed
  • Color – Blue
  • Race – Demon
  • Attack Stats – 2,962
  • Defense Stats – 2,190
  • HP – 40,860
  • Role – Attacker, Debuffer
  • Ratings – 84/100
  • Tier – A

Get Set/Build: –

  • Attack/Defense

Skills: –

  • One Stroke – using this ability, Galland inflicts amplified damage(bonus damage to enemies based on the number of active buffs). When you raise the rank of this skill, the damage will rise dramatically.
  • Dismal Scatter Cut – one of the most fantastic techniques he can use to cause bleeding effects on enemies, and also causes harm to the enemy in all.
  • The Ultimate Move: the most potent move improves the stats base and deals damage to one enemy for x3 turns
  • Commandment Skill – This ability frightens enemies and teammates who have utilized rank up/down skills for two turns. This skill is not applicable in the deathmatch game mode.
  • Galland Game Galland Game is a Coerce skill that makes the enemy’s target just Galland and blocks the activation of debuffs.

This is the entire article regarding 7DS Grand Cross Galland of Truth’s character guide. It covers levels of skills, equipment sets, and more. The character can be obtained from in the shop for gacha. Based on the current events, Gowther and Galland’s drop rate is very high. This event will close on April 14thof, 2020.


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